Top 10 All-Time Best SEO Tips


Top 10 best SEO tips ever. Here I am going to discuss my favorite keyword research strategies and new SEO techniques that are going to help your page to rank on the first page of Google Search. These SEO tips are going to work, whether you are using them today or three years from now. It is so because using these tips you are providing Google what it wants. So let’s get it started.

Top 10 All-Time Best SEO Tips

Tip #1: Use Short URLs


Today I use short URLs than long URLs Why? It is because after being everything equal, short URLs rank better than long URLs. After researching and analyzing more than a thousand search results we discovered that short URLs rank best in Google.

Tip #2: Use Amazon For Keyword Research


Would you believe that you can use Amazon for keyword research? If you want to know how you can do it, here is an example. First, search the most popular book on Amazon in your niche.  Now check its table of content. Each chapter is a potential keyword. Now Check the same chapter name on your keyword research tool to see if they are searched for on Google, and that way you can pick the most valuable keyword.

Tip #3:  Optimize your title tag for CTR


Always include your target keyword in the title tag. You should also optimize your title tag for click-through rate (CTR). There are two reasons behind that. First, when you improve your CTR, you get more traffic without needing a higher ranking. Second, Google has already stated that Google uses CTR as a ranking signal and it makes sense because, if lots of people are clicking on your result then Google gets a clear sign that your result is the best result for the searched keyword. It will help you to obtain a ranking boost. So always optimize your title tag not only for keywords, but for CTR too.

Tip #4: Publish Content more than 1890 words


Remember the ranking factor research that I mentioned earlier, in that research we also found that longer content managed to rank better than a short-form content. The average first-page results on Google contain content having more than 1890 words. This goes against the ideology that people like to read short-form content. The data proves it completely wrong. The fact is, as long as you publish a high-value content, people will like to read it. So, if you want to make your page rank higher, make sure to write awesome content and it should contain at least 1890 words.

Tip #5: Use Keyword-Rich URLs


Whenever you create a URL for any one of your pages make sure to add your targeted keyword. As I mentioned earlier, try to create a short URL with your targeted keyword in it. It is one of the most important top 10 best SEO tips to get higher rankings on google.

Tip #6: Use Two-Step Email Outreach


I should remind you that to rank better on Google today, you need backlinks and I am not talking about any backlinks, but white hat backlinks from authority websites. Now there is an easy way of doing it. My tip is going for an old fashioned email outreach. There are right and wrong ways of doing it. Most people send hundred of spam emails asking for backlinks. It has never worked in the past and will not work today.  There is a better way of doing it and that is two-step email outreach. Instead of asking for a backlink from a blogger or journalist directly you should send two different emails. First, send an email asking if the blogger/journalist would like to see your content. If yes, then pitch for a backlink in your second email. This two-step approach led to 40% more responses than a straight-up approach.

Tip #7: Broken Link Building


Broken link building is one of the best link building strategies. First, find a site where you want a link from. Second, find the broken link in that site. To check the broken links, you can use Check my link chrome extension. Once you find the broken link find a piece on your site to replace that link. If you don’t have one, feel free to create one. Then send an email to the site owner informing about the broken link on his website. When he/she gets back to you pitch your link as a replacement. That’s all what you need to do.

Tip #8: Delete Underperforming Pages


A while back in a post by a webmaster trans-analyst at Google said “don’t create low quality and no value add pages. We think that it’s a waste of resources. The other thing is that we just won’t get quality traffic. If you don’t get quality traffic then why are you burning resources on it”. What it means is having lots of excess pages on your site is bad for SEO. That’s why I recommend to delete those pages on your website that don’t bring any traffic. They are not bringing in any traffic for you so even if you will delete them, you have nothing to lose.

In fact, Deleting those pages will help your other pages to rank better.

Tip #9: Link Out To Authority Websites


Whenever you are publishing content make sure to add outbound links to some authority websites. It is because Google gives higher preference to the pages that contain outbound links to some authority websites, which eventually helps your page to get higher Google ranking.

Tip #10: Use Wikipedia For Keyword Research


Just like Amazon, Wikipedia is a keyword research goldmine. To find a potential keyword follow the steps. First, Search any topic or a keyword on Wikipedia. For example, if you want to write an article on Green Tea, type Green Tea into Wikipedia search. The second step is to check other articles on Wikipedia that the Wikipedia article links to. The anchor text to these links can be a great keyword or topic ideas. Finally the step number three, look at the table of content on the Wikipedia page. All these entries can also be great keyword ideas for writing content.

I hope these Top 10 best SEO tips will be helpful for you. Let me know which SEO tip are you going to apply first in the comments below.


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