SEO Memes – Best Collection Of Funny SEO Pictures

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Working in a digital industry can be hectic sometimes. I know it because I have experienced the same. So, here I am bringing you a collection of some funny SEO Memes that will bring a smile to your drooping face.

Google Algorithm Update

Google Penguin Update by kunal bansal chandigarh

The main purpose of this Google update was to catch the excessive spammers and prevent them from getting high search rankings. After the decrement of ranking of those sites, everyone was worried about doing White hat SEO. Hell of a task, right?

What I Actually Do

What I actually do seo meme by Kunal Bansal Chandigarh

When I am sitting on my computer and doing my stuff, I really feel like ‘Neo’ from the movie Matrix. But when none of my strategies work, I literally beg google to boost my rankings. Hopefully someday Google will listen to me.

I Usually Don’t Use Facebook

I don't always use facebook meme by Kunal bansal chandigarh

Hell Yeah! trust me or not but its true.

You Don’t Have To Bother With SEO

Don't bother for SEO meme by kunal bansal chandigarh

Sometimes ignorance is your best medicine.

Content Writer

Content-in-SEO-meme by kunal bansal chandigarh

Expectations vs reality!!!! #don’tfallforit

What Kind Of Music Do You Like

matt-cutts-content-marketing-meme by kunal bansal chandigarh

Not boasting but according to me, I’m the Mozart of Content Writing!

SEO For Only One Time

NO-SEO-CONSISTENCY By Kunal bansal Chandigarh

How many of you have actually met such people? Please let us know in the comments below.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO meme by Kunal bansal Chandigarh




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