Learning To Install PUBG Mobile Emulator and Play

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PUBG mobile the free version of the original PUBG is quite popular these days. But with increasing competition and new playing style the competition has scaled up. With the introduction of various emulators and players migrating from mobile to PC, the battle has turned ever more fierce.

More and more players now looking forward to play PUBG mobile on PC as it give more flexibility and accessibility to them as compared to mobile phones.

There real challenge for some people is to download the right emulator from the internet. As there are tons of softwares available, only a few works like magic. In this blog we’ll guide you through the complete process, from downloading to installation to playing.

Here, we made a guide through the official PUBG mobile emulator by Tencent. It’s the same company that developed the mobile version of the game.

Search The Emulator on Google

Search The Emulator On Google

Go to Google search engine and enter the keyword ‘Tencent Buddy.’ Out of many results, open the first one that says “Tencent Gaming Buddy – Tencent’s Best-ever Emulator for PUBG Mobile.” Once you have opened the page, click on the download button. Make sure you have selected the Public beta version.

Run The Downloaded File And Change Language

change language

Wait a few minutes till the download is complete. Run the exe file. Now if after installation the language on the screen appears Chinese, don’t panic. Click on the three parallel lines. Since its in Chinese you won’t understand the language. So just click on the second last option. A window will appear with your installation directory path name. Right below it is the language selector, click on it, a drop down menu will pop, select english.

The process isn’t complete yet. You have to save the settings too. In the bottom right of the window you’ll see two buttons. Press the left one. A smaller window pop ups again, click on the single button and restart the installed application. Voila, its in english.

Additional Installation File

installation file

Now, you are done with the installation and its time to move ahead. Remember, you can’t play PUBG at the moment. In the home menu of the application, you’ll see many games. Select PUBG > Install. It will download around 2GB of file. It usually takes 10 minutes (downloading time may vary based on your internet service provider speed) Wait till the game says play.

When you click the play button, PUBG will start. It will check for an update where again the game is supposed to download 5-15MB of file. After completion the screen will change to log in menu. If you have a previously created PUBG account, you can just log in that credentials and there you go. Use your keyboard and mouse like you’d use in any other action game and play unlimited time.


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